Learning about money

Racer and Spud know what money is.  But since we are a no-cash, debit card, direct deposit household, they probably don’t have a good understanding of where it comes from and where it goes.  Recently I decided to make our money habits visual – this has helped me more than I thought it would and given the boys a more hand-on way to learn.

Each month I make a chart (think: big colored lines) for the boys to show how much money we earned, how much we spent, how much we saved and how much we shared (donated).  They also have their own piggy banks and have become quite the finders of any “lost” coins…everywhere we go.  It took them less than a month from opening their bank accounts to fill up the mini banks and make their first deposit.

As excited as they were to haul their banks and dump out the coins on the counter, the awesome ladies in our local branch may have been just as thrilled for them.  All three ladies are absolutely delightful and went above and beyond to make sure the boys had a great experience.  A very big thank you to Susan, Fawn, and Jeannette – you are superb!

Ready to make their first deposits. Photo credit: Susan at the bank


Spud learning from Fawn about counting and sorting money. She invited him to sit on the counter and he got a lesson on the how the bank works. Racer was sitting on the chair waiting for his lollipop. Ha.